Tarot Therapy II

Op16 juni van14:00 tot18:00

Tarot Therapy is terug! Simon is zaterdag 15 juni en zondag 16 juni bij Bebe op bezoek en leest jouw kaarten. Je praat over gevoelens (en over dat de Death Card niet eng is!). De lezingen duren ongeveer 20 minuutjes met een giftvoorstel van 20 euro. Stuur Bebe een Facebookberichtjeals je alvast een plekje wil reserveren. Bebe houdt zaterdag trouwens ook een feestje, waar eventueel slechte lezingen eraf gedanst kunnen worden. 

What is Tarot Therapy?

While the Tarot cards do hold power, I find that people revering them as magical objects in and of themselves has the unfortunate effect of making them fearful and also obscuring how the Tarot simply represents life in all of its splendor and frustration. The Tarot works its magic when it helps us see frustrating cycles of behaviour, when it validates the emotion-work that our society and we might undervalue, and when it shows us something great that we didn't see before. It is a tool that helps us see the present for what it is. The Tarot is like therapy because it highlights things that we can't or don't want to see in a concentrated period of time where the focus is only you.

If you want, Simon will go over in more detail about the cards, their meanings, and the structure of the deck, or we can just dive right in and talk about your life!

Tijdens de lezingen is Bebe's bar gewoon open!