Concert - Foxwarren ft. Andy Shauf

Op 17 juni van 19:30 tot 22:00

VVK € 15,50 / ADK € 17

De Canadese singer-songwriter Andy Shauf zet zijn solocarrière even opzij voor Foxwarren, een band vol vrienden waarmee hij al jaren samenspeelt. De titelloze debuutplaat kwam in december 2018 uit bij ANTI en oversteeg alle verwachtingen. Het werd een sfeervolle rockplaat met nummers over troost zoeken in een eenzame wereld.

“After a decade in the making, it’s safe to say Foxwarren has shattered expectations...Foxwarren’s self-titled album cements them as kings in the indie rock scene." - Atwood Magazine

 "Foxwarren’s 10 tracks range in tone from brooding Elliott Smith-like ballads to Paul McCartney ditties. As a whole, though, they fixate on the dream realm, with the shimmer of warped synths and eerie vocals suggesting a distant surrealism. Even in the detail of lonesome battles, Foxwarren’s kinship and warmth persist." - Pitchfork

 "Whether or not Foxwarren continue together, it's splendid listening..." - Q

 "A gem in its genre, Foxwarren's debut adds further evidence to Shauf's often-overlooked talent as both a singer and songwriter." - London in Stereo

"There's a sparseness to certain songs, not unlike a Manitoba landscape at sundown. And as fleeting as a sunset, the lyrics on this record deal with feelings that are just so — lovers left and wondered about, and loss felt in life." - Exclaim!

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