Open Call 2017: Creative Residents

What happens on DOK depends on the decisions of the DOK residents. For this year’s season, DOK is looking for new DOK residents who want to help and contribute their creative maneuvers to shape and create DOK 2017. Together with the residents, DOK offers room for socio-cultural initiatives related to art, sport, ecology and well-being.

DOK explicitly wants to host new ideas, novice collectives and starting projects. DOK is open for suggestions by individuals, neighbourhood residents and artists and for proposals by collectives and organizations as well.

We are willing to host residents whose project(s) take a long period of time and who are therefore looking for a long-lasting place to stay and work. The proposals will be confronted with and judged by the following criteria: accessibility, (artistic) renovation, contributing to a creative urban dynamic, experiment and encounter.

In 2017, DOK focused on the following themes: hospitality, flexibility, superdiversity and mobility. These themes will remain active. This year we’re adding: self-governmentcommon sense and radical.

DOK OFFERS                         

Throughout the year DOK offers you the space and possibility to work and create. You can develop public activities. In cooperation with you, DOK is looking for a (conceptual and logistical) framework to develop your project, whilst offering her network. The available space and support depends on the needs of your project. DOK has access to several zones (such as the canteen, box, front yard, markt, meeting/workingcontainer) that you share with the other DOKresidents. Please consider the ‘open air characteristics’ of the DOK project as well.

• Opens April 30th
• DOK opens every Sunday from 11AM to 10PM
• The DOKresidents can open DOK at any other given day
• DOK closes daily at 12PM
• The season’s finale is scheduled on October 1st

Send a brief description of your project to  before March 30th.